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Taste of the Town

While staying at Tropical Seas Hotel in Myrtle Beach there are many nearby attractions, shopping, and dining.  Myrtle Beach is known for having the best events year round.  No matter when you decide to visit there is always something fun and exciting to attend.  This year on October 9th at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center at event named, Taste of the Town will be held.  This is an amazing event all around and is a great place for any food lover.  Myrtle Beach has over 1,000 restaurants in the area, and this is the time where over 50 decide to participate in this event and give the town something delicious food.

This event was brought together in 1984 to serve as a wonderful fundraiser for St. Andrew Catholic School.   Each year the event has become larger and more people have come together to make it a great opportunity to help out the St. Andrew Catholic School.  All of the proceeds from the event are being using for funding capital improvements to the school.  The event has brought together students, parents, teachers, and more to help out in a great community event.  Also, the event has grown to gather nearly 10,000 people.

Each restaurant takes the time to provide samples of their best meals, and they do it at a minimal price.  Each food item is additional cost from the ticket, but not by much.  Of course, it shouldn’t matter as all of the money is going toward a great cause.  The Taste of The Town is the perfect time for all of the best area chefs to show off their talents and creativity in the kitchen.

If you love food and will be in the Myrtle Beach area on October 9th, this is something you won’t want to miss.  To get more information on the event be sure to talk to an employee during your visit at Tropical Seas Hotel.