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Myrtle Beach State Park

Tropical Seas Hotel is located right in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It is a perfect location as that you are close to many attractions, dining, and shopping.  The best part of all is that you are directly on the beach.  As the summer comes to an end more and more people who visit Myrtle Beach will be looking for other outdoor activities.  A great way to still experience the outdoors while on vacation is by visiting Myrtle Beach State Park.  The park will give you the opportunity to explore, site see, and enjoy the view.

The park is placed along the beautiful Grand Strand Coastline with a gorgeous oceanfront view.  The park is not only great for exploring, but it also provides many educational opportunities.  At the park there are many accommodations set for camping.  The campgrounds are set up perfectly giving guests the Myrtle Beach Pier and also the shoreline access.  Some people may not feel as comfortable sleeping outside, and that is when overnight guests can try out one of the six rental cabins.

The most popular activity at the Myrtle Beach State Park is the trails.  There are many walking and nature trails to be seen.  There is a sculptured oak nature trail which gives visitors a unique chance to catch the last stands of maritime forest.  Also there are many biking trails.  Bikes can be used on the natural trail and through the park.  In the fall time biking is even allowed on the beach.  Also activities include the fishing pier, playgrounds, and more.  If you love the outdoors and want to explore some of the gorgeous sites be sure to check out Myrtle Beach State Park.  Ask an employee at Tropical Seas Hotel to provide more information on the park and all that it has to offer.